Backbreaker Cheats For Xbox 360 PlayStation 3


Backbreaker Cheats For Xbox 360 PlayStation 3

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Backbreaker Vengeance Review (XBOX 360 & PS3)

***SUBSCRIBE TODAY*** This is a review of Backbreaker Vengeance. This is the new arcade football game from The review was produced by Scott from the @classicL337 Gaming & Electronic podcast. Visit us at

How To Use Non PlayStation Controller on Your Jailbroken PS3!

NOTE: not all controllers work with PS3xPAD but i guarantee the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers should work fine!

I’m pretty sure PS4 and PS5 controllers already support PS3 so you don’t really need this.

And also PS3xPAD is meant for CFW only not HEN so there will be bugs when you try to use it with HEN


for boot_plugins.txt file:

0:00 it really works
0:39 Requirements
1:05 Installation
1:37 Listing the controller to PS3xPAD
6:06 Transfering PS3xPAD to the PS3’s Plugins Folder (Using FTP)
11:05 Rebooting the PS3 and setting up the controller
12:03 Conclusion

Sorry guys for 13 minute vid it was actually 30 minutes long but I managed to cut out some stuff and I hope this is helpful I haven’t made videos for about 5 months so��.

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BIG HITS – Plays That Can Only happen in Backbreaker Football

Every single clip in this would get a player ejected, fined, or just straight up wouldn’t happen on a football field. (wacky!) This kind of play can only be found in Backbreaker. WILD!

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Get your 4×4 in the air with Tuff Country Suspension!

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All footage filmed on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 using a BlackMagic Intensity Pro Capture card for the Mac and the “share” button. Gameplay

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BackBreaker. Computer cheats to get a touchdown!

3RD and goal, and the computer has to get into the end zone so it uses one of my players to jettison it’s player in for a score.